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Reach new heights at The Castle Climbing Centre

The Castle Climbing Centre claim to be the most popular climbing centre in the UK, and they are based just an 11-minute walk from Woodberry Down. The array of climbing activities on offer is vast, whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner looking for elite level instruction to get you started. And yes, the venue really does look like a castle!

Top roping is considered the safest and easiest way to start learning rock climbing. Considered to be the more traditional form of climbing, this technique involves securely attaching a rope to the climber so they are protected at all times. One of the most popular climbing styles however is bouldering, which forgoes the use of ropes and harnesses, using only crash matts for protection.

The Castle Climbing Centre can be used by everybody, however if you decide to join as a member there are some additional perks such as the opportunity to use the outdoor boulders which offer breathtaking views of the castle, as well as access to the Castle Garden – a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of London.

The on-site café sells a range of organic and fairtrade products such as coffee, tea, homemade cakes, snacks and sandwiches, as well as daily specials including delicious curries and pasta dishes. There is also a shop filled with climbing equipment suited to every climber’s needs.

The building itself has a rich and fascinating history. The Victorian water pumping station was built sometime between 1852 and 1856 in an attempt to filter the Thames water into drinking water. However, with the later invention of diesel engines, the Grade II listed building was largely redundant by 1971. In 1994, work began to redevelop the site as a climbing centre; it is now one of the leading climbing facilities in Europe.

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Reach new heights at The Castle Climbing Centre
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