A Time-trial route for the hardcore

If you’re looking for something both speedy and sociable, David Kitchen, owner and administrator of London Fixed-Gear and Single-Speed Site (lfgss.com), offers up the perfect route. Step your cycling up a gear by completing this loop circuit against the clock.

“The Death TT, which starts at the Flask pub at the top of Highgate Hill West, is a popular North East London pub route which will see you charging down Highgate Hill West and back up Swain’s Lane. It’s a short loop, extremely dangerous, fast, and knackering! Whoever gets the fastest time gets a beer!”

A Time-trial route for  the hardcore
Distance: 1.5 miles
Duration: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Fact: Swaine Hill has a thigh-burning gradient of 15%, and reaches heights of 129m
A Time-trial route for  the hardcore